Monday, January 5, 2015

Sweet Quinceanera Dresses!

Dear Mini's,
today I want to show you some special Pink quinceanera dresses 
The party of fifteen, or Quinceañera, is the celebration of the fifteenth birthday of a girl, who is celebrated in a totally distinct from other birthdays in parts of Latin America. The Spanish word quinceañera also refers to one who accomplishes fifteen. In some cases, the birthday girl has to choose between a party, a trip or an automobile.
The celebration emphasizes the passage of fifteen from girl to woman. It is a way to recognize that has reached maturity and no doubt varies greatly according to the different countries. In the Dominican Republic, for example, the festival focuses on the Baile de Debutantes ("Dance of Debutantes").
Girl makes an album of memories and places a picture of herself in the living room of the house; Also nowadays with technology advances, are made presentations in pictures of the party, the girl and the profile or computerized Powerpoint. The profile tends to be presented in the festival as part of the proceedings of the same and with a musical background.
They are also caravans of cars from the residence of the young to the church (where there is a mass in his honor if it is Catholic or a cult or a religious ceremony if it belongs to another religion), and from the church to the place of receipt of the party where of course the birthday girl should always be in the first car with a partner (in most cases using a convertible or in some cases of the limousine in which parade as the various pairs; ultimately it is fashionable to use the model Hummer limo for this special occasion).
For an important party like this, in your life, you need a special pink quinceanera dresses and you can find it only on sweet quinceanera dress ! Here some irresistible Pink Quinceanera Dresses that you can't resist to.
But in Sweet quinceanera dress you can find also purple, red, blue, and white dresses, I leave you to this difficult choice!


  1. splendidi e meravigliosi abiti, corro subito nel sito a dare un'occhiata sono davvero curiosa in merito.

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