Monday, March 30, 2015


Dear Mini,
after an amazing sunday with sun and a long walk near the beach I need colors in my house, in my bedroom and in the guest room. I was searching for some luxury, special, classy sets and I have found some ideas in Ogotobedding!
I'm more the one with not so much colors, I love stripes and dots but not both together.... I know I'm complicated but in Ogotobedding I have found what I was searching!
The modern duvet covers could make your room very pretty, the modern style could be gorgeous, if you choose this, then the white duvet covers could let you feel the comfort of them, they are perfectly matched with your room,this would be great. Or you can make your room fresh with natural duvets, or elegant with cotton floral duvets.
There are sets for each of you: with flowers, completely white, black... all you can think about you can found it here. So take a look and don't forget to tell me which is your beloved sets!!!


  1. sono tutti dei set molto belli, ma il mio preferito è il 3 troppo romantico.

  2. che meraviglia, sono tutti molto belli, ti dirò che se potessi acquistarli io prenderei tutto.

  3. Bellissimi questi set per il letto, mi piace molto quello viola starebbe benissimo nella mia camera.

  4. tutte fantasie molto belle ^_^ soprattutto quella viola

  5. potrei davvero impazzire per questi meravigliosi abiti da letto. davvero stupendi

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