Monday, May 11, 2015

Hair Styles Spring Summer 2015 !

Dear Mini's,
finally we start this new hot summer, and you know how much hair styles are important for your outfit, let's take a look to all the natural and simply style for spring/summer 2015.
When you have fine, straight hair, you can create many cool haircuts and hairstyle. But you should find the right hairstyles that can look flattering for your face shape and boost a great volume for your tresses. You should also be able to have some layering skills to make natural textures and movement for your tresses. Check out here these fabulous hairstyles for fine hair and find the right one for you. And if you don't have long hair like this amazing models how can you do? 
Hairbro will help you with full lace wig, that  is known for being breathable, lightweight and perfectly natural look making them a preferred choice of hair system wearers. HairBro offers a wide collection of full lace wig in different styles and colors to meet the specific needs of each of us. They are perfect for everyday uses as well as irreplaceable in  special occasions and hairstyles.


  1. adoro le treccie, sono davvero splendide ed eleganti

  2. Queste acconciature che ci mostri sono una piu'bella dell'altra ed ognuna e' realizzata con passione ed originalita'

  3. Straordinarie queste parrucche: tagli originali e colori naturali, perfette per cambiare look a seconda dell'outfit o del proprio stato d'animo. :)

  4. adesso che finalmente ho fatto crescere la frangia non vedo l'ora di schiarire un po' i capelli (mezzo tono!) e portarli sciolti con riga in mezzo, un po' mossi!

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