Sunday, May 24, 2015

Like a Star!

Dear Mini,
be A Princess is what I dreamed when I was a child! And if you follow the vip now they are all to Cannes wearing amazing dresses that makes me dream to be like them.
The opportunity for me to wear a dress like that is in occasion like wedding! This is the season of wedding and I can't immagine to wear a black dress, that's why I have select this amazing dresses in Pickedresses website. You can choose between long and short prom dresses, in the most popular colors: blue, red, white , pink, black and purple. Each season you can find different models even for plus sizes and there are always flash sales. If you check in stock side you will find all the model that are available in a really cheap price. I really think you don't have excuses, in Pickedresses you will find the perfect dress that you was always dreaming for a special event.
 A Long Prom Dresses for a wedding is not equal to one to attend an opera or go clubbing.
If the marriage takes place in the morning we have to use a cocktail dress, no long dresses, you should opt for a suit. If the wedding is in the evening dress should be long. While later we are the more formal wedding dress must. You can use the white and black combined with each other or with other colors. In fact, the colors suitable for a wedding are the pastel shades (especially during the day) alone or in combination with fabrics printed with fancy floral or dégradé.


  1. sono tutti abiti splendidi e a dir poco da sogno, i vorrei tutti per me giuro.

  2. Love the last one dress, looks so stunning! Really want to have one for my party!

  3. These fashion dresses look really stunning .. look beautiful

  4. I'm really loving your selections!

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