Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Parisienne Je T'aime!

Dear Mini's,
is the third day of summer here, yes it's not summer is only spring but in the south of Italy is really hot. I have already been once at beach and I was wearing my amazing Blue Glue Bikini. Now I'm searching for a new one and I fall in love with Parisienne collection. It's a collection really chic and fresh! What do you think about it? In this collection you can find different accessories and not only bikini, like this you will have all the collection  and look amazing!


  1. Eleganti e romantici i costumi della linea Parisienne collection! Quello con la Tour Eiffel dev'essere mio *-*

  2. splendidi tutti questi capi, a dir poco meravigliosi, mi piacciono davvero moltissimo

  3. non conoscevo questo sito e i loro magnifici e chiccosi articoli, corro subito nel sito a dare un'occhiata.

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