Monday, May 11, 2015

Pink Bride Dress!

Dear mini's,
I dream of my wedding since when playing with dolls I created Barbie and Ken wedding. I've always been a real girl, I liked (still like) the pink, I wanted to be a classical ballerina and meet my prince charming when I didn't expect it.
It was like this , for the last part of the sentence, that I met my prince charming when I no longer believed in love and he changes my  life. After we set up home we talk about marriage and I lose myself all the time you sites of wedding dresses dream.
Here you can find my little selection of iDress wedding dream dresses.
What do you think about pink bride dresses? I think I love it, even if al my girlfriend rides told me that they didn't choose the dress that they dreamed about, because it was different when they weared it. We can never know till that day when I will find it.

This last two dresses are the one that I dream that my bride maid will wear, she will be my sister but she don't know for the moment don't tell her. And you tell me about your wedding if you are already married or what you dream for your wedding day!


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