Sunday, May 10, 2015

Wedding Looks!

Dear Mini's,
september will be for me a wedding month, I am invited to two wedding one in the begging of September and the second in the end of the same month, is my cousin wedding.
I was thinking that the last time I was invited to a, wedding was in April, two years ago and I was also the braidmaid of my best friend. For me it was an emotion double, because it was my best friend to marry and because the ritual was orthodox. Usually weddings in the south of Italy are celebrated in a big way, with 100-150 invited, in fantastic locations, and you know when you seat down and start to eat but you don't know when you will stand up . Ladies  are always wearing beautiful dresses, with the rights accessories and makeup and hair done by professional. I can say that weddings here are like Oscars for the Hollywood celebrities, they take it really seriously.
For that occasion I wore a long dress and pink strawberry, this time I would like to change color and model. I have started to search for some idea prom dresses 2015 in Weddingshe, I know that prom dresses 2015 are not braidmaid dresses but I love their style and elegance, and they are different from the usual dresses of Italy.
This is a selection of cheap prom dresses of Weddingshe , the price of each of them is under 100 usd, I think is amazing because you can find cheap prom dress of Weddingshe for all budget. And if you are not searching for prom dresses I'm sure that this one will make you want to relieve Prom!


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