Thursday, June 11, 2015

Be The Perfect Bridesmaid !

Dear Mini's,
let's try to speak about wedding an d bridesmaid dresses in a different way.
Usually I buy different dresses but I use always the same accessories because I think they are the more difficult thing to found for complete a outfit. I am ok?
So I have decided to find the perfect dress for the wedding where I'm host in september, and this are my favorite bridesmaid dresses. Which one you I should wear with this amazing clutch?
Or you prefer the second clutch? The wedding is during the day and I can't wear dark colors, or I can? Tell me which is your favorite bridesmaid dresses or accessories in I need inspiration!


  1. Very good idea you've shared here, from here I can be a very valuable new experience. all things that are here will I make the source of reference, thank you friends.

  2. All of the dresses look wonderful!


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