Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Short pink Prom Dresses!

Dear Mini's,
what do you think of short prom dresses for a wedding?
I think that a prom dresses online are perfect for the brides maids or for the witness of the bride.
Many of my girls friends are going to the wedding and many of them wear short dresses. In fact apart if you as a witness is not recommended to wear long dresses, what do you think? Do you respect the bon ton ? or rather you respect only your taste?
The long dress is permitted only and exclusively if the marriage takes place after 5 pm and even then be careful not to overdo the effect red carpet. You are going to a wedding and not to the Oscars!
The first rule that you must remember is that the bride is the undisputed star: you should try to find a look that is not eccentric, yet not be too understated.
The red part of the colors a bit 'too much access and eccentric for a wedding but if dosed carefully allowed. Another thing for the black: the etiquette does fall between colors banned, but in small doses it is granted and in any case only as long as the accessories make it more lightfull.
 When in doubt avoided even black. Perfect for a wedding pastel colors or printed dresses.
Jeans are forbidden: the perfect look for a wedding slightly clothes. Feminine and refined, they will have discrete necklines and no gap: the skirt that is not at the maximum short right above the knee and no further.


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