Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Mom Of The Bride!

Dear Mini's,
we always speak about the brides and of the cheap homecoming dresses of the bridesmaids
The mother of the bride should be elegant and simple: the best idea is to stay true to their style, especially to feel comfortable and not another person. For the color : the white is exclusive of the bride, and the black, It is allowed only in case of evening reception particularly elegant and formal.
 The best are the pastel shades for the ceremonies in the spring or summer. Good idea is to focus on a suit that gives color to the total look. Every woman knows what color goes with her skin and her person.
In marriages more traditional hat is considered an accessory for the exclusive use of the mothers of the bride. In reality it is not an obligation but a free choice: wear it only if you feel confortable and consider that this year, the hat is a must-have accessory.
Shoes excessively high may not only be uncomfortable but give an effect of vulgarity. Casual shoes too, would give a effect maybe a little 'sloppy or careless, you forgive any invited except the mother of the bride.
To add, however, that the mother of the bride is one of the most prominent women of the ceremony; watched with tenderness but also with high expectations from guests, it can afford to dress more comfortably in the second part of the ceremony because it recognizes the right to be more tired than others.
 Obviously, the make-up follows the rule avoiding excesses. Here are some tips for a make-up simple and beautiful that you can use on the wedding day of your daughter so elegant and chic!
For all this reason I have searched for the best mother of the bride dress and I found it in Whishesbridal and the best sister of the bride dress in the section cheap homecoming dresses! Tell me which one is your favorite.

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