Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Cheap Wedding!

Hi dear,
For couples getting married involves a considerable financial outlay.
Marriage is definitely the best day of our life, but is also the most expensive.
 1: move well in advance, this will help you find the solution that best suits you with a good quality / price ratio.
 2: Use seasonal flowers, herbs or simple candles will save up to 30%.
3: There are many farms that offer attractive solutions for a wedding reception, or offer a brunch, a picnic and organized a big party to follow.
4: Choose a day in the week and not during the week end.
5: Opt for a civil marriage involves certain benefits, the cost of a classic suit or a beautiful evening dress maybe pastel colors will definitely be lower than the cost of a traditional wedding dress .
 6: Investments. With a little 'imagination and creativity, and with a good manual you can also create by yourself.
7: Limit the number of guests to relatives and close friends.
 8: Buy clothes in an outlet, you will find many brands at very competitive prices!

I want to talk to, a fantastic site where you can find everything for a wedding fromt he maid dress to the bride wedding dress.
The bride dress is one of the more expensive thing of a wedding, so why you don't take a look at this amazing cheap wedding dresses? I'm sure you will find the "dress" of your special day.


  1. Got married twice last year and it was definitely an effort.
    I bought my dress in the UK and I opted for a model that was only available on two sizes at the shop: if you take it home, you can manage up to 15% discount.
    You can buy a lot of decorations in advance on sites like Ali Express, you got better prices of the same decorations bought in party shop in town.
    Prepare the favors by yourself: if you buy for example jars and candies and you assembly them together, you save more than 50% compared to buying a jar with candies.
    Don't save on the alcohol (with cheap alcohol people tend to be drunk earlier and it might ruin your party) and don't save on the pictures - they will remain for all your life!


  2. These fashion wedding dresses look really stunning .. look beautiful


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  4. omg the first dress is sooo pretty :)


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