Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dress Code For A Wedding!

Dear Mini,
Take part to a wedding of a friend or a relative is always a pleasure, but when you receives the invitation inevitably you are taken from anxiety and in our minds overlooks a single question: what to wear to a wedding?
The question may seem silly and easy to resolve, while actually choose what to wear to a wedding is not as simple as you might think, since there are many aspects to be considered before choosing the right set.
The first thing to consider is the wedding invitation: if the latter is very elegant and refined probably the ceremony and reception will be, so better adapt to the context.
From the invitation you are also aware of the place and time of the wedding, seen as valuable information for choosing our clothes. Very often invitations contain another important voice, "dress code", with which the spouses give guests directions on how to dress. So on your invitation there will be written "acceptable casual wear", "cocktail", "black dress" or "black tie," voice for men means wearing the tuxedo for women long dresses.
If the marriage takes place in the morning it is good to opt for a cocktail dress, which means they are preferred suit while evening dresses are to be avoided.
If the marriage takes place in the evening, the long dress is a must even if you have to always take into account the "type" of the marriage, or whether it is a formal or informal wedding.
The wedding can be informal and will be held in the morning, they are preferred cocktail dresses or suits with skirt or pants, as if the wedding will take place in the evening always good cocktail dress.
If it's a formal ceremony, then in the morning they are preferred Formal Dressessuit paired with gloves and hats, while the evening is a must the long dress, perhaps accompanied by fur and jewels, but always being careful not to overdo it.
For the colors we must always be sober; are fine, especially in the daytime, the pastel shades or combinations with floral prints or fantasy. E 'can also wear the black and white combination.
For accessories, these must always be coordinated with our dress going to enrich it, this means that if your dress has a simple design are great accessories a bit 'more flashy, but if your gown is already beautiful rich, then better opt for jewelry more sober.
You like the gloves? remember that in the summer you have to use the courts, while in winter are a must as long to the elbow. Remember not ever wear rings on the gloves and do not forget to take them off during the church ceremony.
The bag must always be small, for shoes boater those high but comfortable, while if you love this hat must always be of quality and held for the duration of the ceremony.
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  1. Agreed on everything, except the colors.. I found some of them definitely too pale (if the bride is wearing blush or nude instead of white could be tricky). Also, I would not wear a flashy red, if it is not a very close friend that could approve my choices.

    Dress inspirations are beautiful and some of them could we used for most of social events but weddings!


  2. the dresses look outstanding


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