Monday, July 20, 2015

Semi Formal Dresses By Cocomelody !

Dear Mini's,
 Of course is happened to you too to having to attend a ceremony, a formal evening or a business-event and be unbeaten in the recommended dress code, must be followed in order not to be out of place. Sometimes it is simple and intuitive. "the specter of the dress code".
Few people know that it is a sort of "international code shared", with rules, nuances and steps to follow.
What will be the dress code right for a cocktail party? Which means "d. c. black tie "? Just a black tie also on the shirt of health? What is the difference between business casual and smart casual?
Do not think that the dress code is something modern, because in reality it is not at all.
 In any social or cultural context in which man has moved in its history there were unwritten rules that somehow must be respected. Rules on behavior!
 Rules that depend on the circumstances and rules different for the nations, traditions, even according to the time of day when you are moving. Is not so easy to find cheap semi formal dresses. 
In fact, every choice we make "visible" is actually a code, a way to communicate something with its own meaning. Is no exception to this rule is the clothing: this is the dress code, the set of rules more or less shared in a very specific context - cultural, social, occupational or public - which encode the "messages" that a person intends to transmit through the clothes she wears.  And when we go into some special places certain rules of behavior are imposed relatively clothing to use.
Every type of event, from the most formal to the most "ordinary" is associated with a specific dress code. Know the meanings is essential to choose the right clothing. Let's see how.

In this hot season I love to wear really easy dresses . This is my selection of semi formal dresses online that I have imagines for a "Cocktails and drink" invitation.

check Cocomelody for the perfect semi formal dress!


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