Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Fabulous Party Of Quincenera !

What's Quincenera?
The Quincenera is the fantastic party of fifteen.
According to the Latin American tradition, the fifteenth birthday of a girl is the transition "from child to young lady" and is celebrated more that a wedding.
The first makeup, the first shoes with heels, the dress that seems to be the bride, the waltz, the damsels, knights and dozens of guests: these are the main ingredients of each quinceañera.
Each Quincenera has its peculiarities that depend on the tastes of the birthday girl and personal history.
And it is a tradition that is celebrated also in Italy, where families of immigrants from South America celebrate, with important economic sacrifices the fifteen birthday of their "baby".
During the party, in fact, there are some key moments like the speeches that parents have wishing theis a bright future and thanking the guests. Another important moment is the change of the shoes, which symbolizes the moment child become a woman. Last but not list the waltz that gives the party started.
Each quinceañera has a companion and another 14 pairs of knights and damsels dancing around her.
You can immagine why the dress is so important in that moment, that's why i want to suggest some really pretty quincenera dresses of weddingshe . Is not because is a Quincenera party that the guest should not wear a classy and fantastic dress! In Weddingshe you will find luxurious and adorable sweetheart dresses for Quincenera, in all the colors that you like. I think that each girl has to have a moment when she feels like a princess, for me it was the prom night!

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