Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bridal accessories!!

Dear Mini's,
The accessories complete and enhance the image of the dress, you can not go wrong and this should not be underestimated, but studied and designed in advance and lots of patience.
Also for brides it is the basic rule according to which: "it is the detail that makes the difference"! It is  important to choose the most suitable accessories to the style of dress.
The height of the heel must also be decided according to the stature of the groom!
A long dress almost always looks best when paired with high heels, particularly suitable when the skirt is wide.
Therefore, if the choice for your bridal shoes were to fall on the high heels, our advice is to also check that the shoe will not hurt, given the fact that the day will be long and challenging !
My advice is also to do some practice at home ,walking up and down the rooms of your apartment in order to get used to your feet with the new shoes. In this post you can found some example of cheap wedding shoes uk from modadress .
The gloves to match the wedding dress, they are not always necessary but, in a marriage should not be absent from the formal tone (not to mention that after the entrance to the church, to be marched and supported kneeler in front of the bouquet).
Today, it is a lost tradition and are now almost completely disappeared off the family silver but has remained "in vogue" the custom (by, again, the groom's family), to make a gift to wife of a jewel that, although no longer represents the precious and ancient necklace passed down from generation to generation as it once more takes, obviously, the same meaning. In these cases, the jewels chosen as a "token of love" for the bride, as if to further emphasize the intrinsic value of the proposal that the boyfriend turned to their loved one, may consist, first, in the fateful engagement ring. 


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