Friday, August 7, 2015

Fontana Contarini Beauty Routine!!

Dear Mini,
Masks Beauty cosmetics are used to counter some skin imperfections localized mainly on the face.
Regular application / weekly face masks gives the skin a youthful and fresh: These cosmetic preparations are in great demand in cosmetic salons, especially by women who like to show more skin shiny and elastic, and feel (why not? ) younger and beautiful.
Face masks, much like the world of women, should not be considered a mere whim and sad to "appear". Each face shield is in fact designed and perfected long depending on the type of skin to which it is intended and to customer requirements.
The effectiveness of the product is given by the skilful combination of active ingredients incorporated in the recipe: the face masks can be made to moisturize, revitalize, invigorate, detoxify, cleanse, nourish and soften the skin or whatever. Many women rely-like therapeutic effect of face masks also to camouflage small blemishes - which, let's face it, are unwelcome by men - like scars left by acne or skin blemishes that make ugly visibly the image of a person.
That's why I do all the week my Fontana Contarini musk for oily skin. What I love of this musk is that at the end of the ten minutes my skin, after I wash it off, is not red and feeling attacked. I cannot describe the perfume of this musk, so delicate and chic, how can a skin musk be chic? This Fontana Contarini make me feel about a day in a spa very new age with a chic touch.


  1. Che carina sei in queste foto :) adoro le maschere e coccolare la mia pelle, anche a casa ! Baci

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