Saturday, September 12, 2015

How To Choose An Evening Dresses!

How to choose an evening dress?

Any girl has thought at least once of having an evening dress in her wardrobe. What should one wear for a corporate party, for an important business meeting, or for a best friend’s wedding? However, it’s hard enough to choose a perfect dress in a huge variety of styles and colors. Which gown is to be chosen when attending some certain events, organizations and places? You should not postpone solving such important issue till the very last moment, for choosing a dress should not be done in a hurry and fuss.

Those who desire to wear an elegant long evening dress, should first of all pay attention to the body peculiarities. When it is about elegance and perfection, one should emphasize all female body advantages and try to hide any flaws.   

A dress made of a thin tissue with narrow shoulder straps and a skirt tailored on the bias will help you create a gentle womanly look. Shoulder straps will attract the attention to the upper part of the body, while the airy tissue slightly covering hips will make them more inviting. Lace long evening dresses will also emphasize your grace and tenderness.

To look more slender, one should choose a dress that is tight under the breast as this is the thinnest part of the body.

If you got a big breast, you should certainly emphasize it, but you should take into consideration some nuances. First of all, you are not recommended to buy long dresses with thin shoulders straps: they will make the upper body part visually more massive. Thus, one should preferably choose affordable long dresses with wide straps. A V-shape neckline will also let a woman emphasize her beautiful breast.

In order to hide wide shoulders, one should better choose a chiffon dress with flounce sleeves but the flounces are not be too fluffy. The lower part of the dress should freely come down. Wide shoulders must not be denuded or draped with heavy tissues or jewelries.

Corpulent women will look well in monochromatic affordable long dresses. The most appropriate colors here are dark brown, purple, olive and black. Yellow, pink and orange tones of the long dresses will be also fine.  Gross prints, horizontal stripes or folds on a dress are not welcomed for the corpulent women. At the same time, slender short girls should better choose attires with a flower print.

Some say, short girls should not wear long dresses. This is not true, you just have to choose a proper option. The main secret of the dress for a short girl is a gown tightly slimming the body. The dresses in the empire style and fashions with a pronounced waistline will also fit well. You can emphasize the waistline with a belt. One should pay attention to the long dresses tailored on the bias and trapezoid dresses. A V-shape neckline will help visually stretch the silhouette. And of course, short girls are recommended to wear long dresses with high heels.

Even if you have chosen a very plain dress, the accessories can transform it into a real masterpiece.  High heels, gloves, jewelries, and surely a small female bag are the necessary components. Little female things chosen correctly can work wonders, as well as inappropriate accessories can spoil even the most magnificent lace long evening dresses. 


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