Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Glamorous and Sexy Prom Dresses!

Dear Mini, 
Prom ... that is the prom of American high schools, we have seen and reviewed on television! Now we made a precise idea of this evening, also in Luxembourg at the European school that I attended was the Prom night and I admit that it is really exciting to wear a sexy outfit is not expensive.
The prom is a festival which is celebrated precisely at the end of the school year (in June). We can compare it a bit 'on Valentine's Day ... there are those who love him and who hates him. For girls it is a bit 'like marriage, "It's all about the dress! »
PROM are invited to the guys who make the exams and their families, in fact, compared to our American prom was a dinner dance at the end. Usually men wear smocking and the woman a beautiful dress prncipessa. Mine was long black with bare back and siren, I loved it I felt beautiful, chic and comfortable.
It was a cheap sexy prom dresses I was really proud of my choice.  The so-called Prom is the event that closes definitamente the school year, and that thanks to the films and television series most famous caught the imagination of us all.
But for the girls that are searching for "the one" the dress that will make you feel like Blair in Gossip Girl,  that in the 24th episode of the second season  - to general amazement - she was elected 'Queen' of the dance ... thanks to Chuck. Or as Joey Eventually the triangle chooses Pacey just during prom night. It seems strange, but even celebrities had their prom. Grainy, old-fashioned hairstyles and outfits a little outdated, but other than that it seems to them that the time has never passed.
You can find a lot of nice suggestion in http://www.ihomecoming.com/prom-c1-c104252/ and you can try to have the best souvenirs and think "wow I was wearing an amazing prom dress at least!"


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