Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Special Bedspreads for Christmas !

Dear Mini,
When approaching the Christmas you want to decorate your home and make it warm and cozy, creating a wonderful Christmas atmosphere with many decorations and embellishments DIY simple and inexpensive. Just a few changes and some original ideas to create the Christmas decorations and totally change the look of the house: we begin such a beautiful Christmas wreath to hang on the entrance door, and then continue with candles to be placed on the furniture, on the tables or on the fireplace only to end up with beautiful decorations DIY to be applied to windows or the balcony or in the garden to be installed.
Already by mid-November we think of Christmas decorations to be used to make more lovely, friendly and above all to the theme home. If you think about it just a moment, there are many ways to give a new look to any room in the house, starting with the living room and lounge, the true soul of the whole house. To be sure we recommend that you choose a specific style, so as not to mix too much at once, and today we want to tell you about the class and elegance of shabby chic.
Increasingly popular and above trend, the shabby chic style has this feature that smacks of vintage and is based on very clear and pastel shades, with white base and hints of pink, blue and ivory. Home, then, we will play with just these nuances, with elements from the natural flavor and complements the most delicious that we can buy but we can also create a hand.
Who said that you must necessarily decorate for Christmas only rooms which will lay the eyes of our guests?  the warm and cozy has spread throughout our love nest as if it was an aroma of goodness indescribable, a delicious hot chocolate. For those who have already thought, no way. For those, however, have not had their time and opportunity to devote to Christmas decorations Shabby Chic, this is a good time to consider the idea of ​​decorating for the holidays also the bedrooms.
Ultimately, it is in this room that we spend much of our night and close your eyes while the Christmas lights are switched on and off as you satisfy any displeasure newspaper. After dealing with descriptions of trees Christmas Shabby Chic, here we have therefore come to another important stage of our adventure: what decorations to choose and especially how to limit ourselves and bring out, at least in the bedrooms, despite our passion for interior design , the semplicity. I have found some nice idea for our bedrooms in 3d bedding at beformal online store .
Obviously you can rest on the twin bed comforters with a decidedly vintage but with a touch of red at Christmas, is always welcome, or you can opt to illuminate a feast the headboard or decorating with a simple festoon the wall where rests on the headboard. Or maybe a 3D bedding sets can be a really nice and modern idea for those that doesn't like shabby chic. Even better if you opt for a glacial blue and white domestications bedspreads, with the two shades perfectly able to create a fairytale atmosphere worthy of the best animal cartoons of Walt Disney.


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