Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Perfect Christmas Outfit !

Dear Mini's,
On Christmas Day your look has to be taken care of in every detail! Here are all the fashion tips from makeup to clothes to wear on Christmas Day!
Between a gift and the other, you have had time to think about how you will wear on Christmas Day? Here are all fashion tips you need: from your hair to manicures without forgetting the small accessories that will make you really perfect!
Look for your Christmas the first thing to do is to choose colors to wear to soak in the Christmas and be, as always, impeccable!
With the word Christmas color that comes to mind is the red, whatever you choose to wear, a touch of red should not miss for anything in the world! That is a layer of lipstick or just polish on your nails red commands at Christmas!
Of course you can choose the color you prefer and if the bright red that's a problem with the combinations, choose a darker shade that tends to burgundy, color protagonist of this winter!
The dark green, the same color of the leaves of the Christmas tree will give a lot to those with fiery red hair and all blondes. The more traditional and have chosen to wear to the Christmas classic little black dress you abbinino a red detail, but also a sweater animal: what better time if not native to bring out the sweater that is so chic?
If you do not feel so bold, your look with accessories embellished with gold and silver. Finally blackberries dare with a look entirely white, as if you were you also of fluffy snowflakes and here details silver or red will complement your look Christmas!
Absolutely no shelter during the holidays in total black look or dress entirely of gray or dark blue: get jiggy with the colors and the glitter at least at Christmas!
I have some problems with my clothes now that I'm pregnant, the only thing that I think I can wear for christmas is a black little dress and I was searching for a blazer to complete my look.


  1. Quanto mi piace il blazer sbrilluccicoso della prima foto.

  2. Tutti cappotto sono così di moda, e voglio comprare uno



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