Monday, February 22, 2016

My Wishlist in!

Dear Mini,
On the red carpet leading the stars, now, they seem to be all along: the best choice is the one - reassuring and ultra-classic - the LBD. Namely, the "little black dress". A must for yesterday and today, for the stars, but not only.
To say that the road has made it is (to say the least) an understatement. Because the black suit or little black dress or Petite Robe Noir, as you prefer to call it, more than a piece of clothing is a true icon. Minimalist in its simplicity, flawless in the way of binding the female body, is always presented in the non-color par excellence, dictating the rules of fashion, decade after decade.
Even the divas if they are realized,wear on the red carpet with nonchalance.  A (new) concept of simplicity that, for sure, all you have in your wardrobe, but it never hurts to renew.
Choose between different fabrics, embroideries and lengths for endless style variations from morning to night. And if you really can not help but take a peek to the star, here's a selection of our staff who played him on the latest red carpets, from the classic mood to cut more creative.
For a Breakfast at Tiffany's all new. Chic today just as yesterday.
This is my selection in!


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