Thursday, April 28, 2016

Polka Dot Curtains!

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Those involved in interior design is well aware: the curtains are an essential element of any room, because they are able to change the look of the environments with their mere presence - if chosen correctly.

The tents can define the interior of a house style, thanks to their composition and their color. Not only that, the tend of interiors are fundamental elements nell'arredo as they protect from light, maintain privacy within the house and perform a 'division' function between indoor and outdoor areas adjacent spaces.
The appearance of a room can indeed worsen dramatically if the curtains are chosen without knowledge of the facts! This little guide on how to choose curtains for the house will be of help to avoid mistakes and to get better in every room; It is all a matter of tissue type, length and width and color.
How to choose curtains for the house, the finest fabrics for curtains Interior
The tents are so indispensable in decor of your home and, as such, are asking to be favorite of excellent quality. The material in which are made will have a great importance in the choice of the same. Because? It's the kind of fabric that determines the functionality of the tents and their durability; Moreover, a too light fabric is unlikely to fall well, while too heavy fabric creates the opposite effect.
It should also be considered the result to be obtained: if the curtains are "beauty" will not need a fabric that screens the light, while for the functional tents will be essential that the material is capable of obscuring an environment.
Silk, linen and velvet are the best choices for curtains, especially those long; a suede or tweed material are perfect for obscuring the rooms perfectly, and to insulate from the cold - these fabrics are chosen from those who live in the mountains or in areas with a cold climate.
The best choice, if you like the curtains in fabric, is to prefer natural fibers, such as cotton, hemp and flax. In addition to being antibacterial and dust, natural fibers absorb excess moisture in the environment, releasing it in small doses. They are also breathable, easy to clean and healthy to touch. Color is very important in the selection process of the tents. Must decide whether to want your curtain segments, that is in harmony with the color of the walls or in contrast with it. For a sophisticated look, the tents will be the same color of the walls or some darker tone (or clear). For an explosion of color, you can choose curtains with a bright color, in contrast to all the rest of the decor.
For a subtle reminder, you can bet on the color of the room fittings concerned. If the furniture, carpets and decorations are printed will be better to focus on solid curtains; If the furniture is rather classic, undecorated, will also fine the printed curtains.
I was thinking to choose a polka dot curtains for my son room, the brand is curtains market.


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