Thursday, April 28, 2016 !

Dear Mini's,
From what you have to go when you decorate a house? Many make the mistake of decorating before everything else and then think about lighting. Lighting defines the style of furniture and gives it character, changing the structure of a room and just a light bulb, a color or another, to radically change the image that the room projecting in front of those who live .
Meanwhile, you have to start with an assumption: the natural light. How is the exposure of your future home? Lamps and chandeliers will be just a piece of furniture or will also be lit for a long time during the day? These are questions to be reckoned with when choosing your lighting, because if the piece of furniture is useful as well as beautiful changes all perspectives about.
We close our eyes and try to imagine how we would like our home. This includes not only forms and styles, but also colors. These colors will be assigned in whole illumination: in the market there are many models, from the most feature to the more neutral (of which we will discuss in another post). So, Flush Mount Ceiling Lights and floor become anything but an accessory, but the protagonists of their own room, the protagonists to be precise.
It is only after having determined the lighting position, after deciding whether it should be spread or center, after noticing how light, both natural and artificial, changes the structure of the single room, only then can you think of all the furniture and furnishings. Because we want to furnish a house of awareness, nothing can be left to chance.
Each home is the realm of those who live, those who live there, whether the living for a few hours a day, is that the house is also a real job. So you must see, but more than anything we must see clearly.

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