Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Butterfly Twists Rain Boots!

Dear Mini's,
when I wake up I control if it rains and the temperatures , so to mold my look of these needs. Summer or winter when the weather is expected rain is always a tragedy, how to dress decently without ending up with wet feet?
The choice of shoes depends on weather if I want to wear a skirt or pants (yes, because the skirt you can wear when it rains, and often is the best choice), and the intensity of the rain forecast, lately more and more frequently here Puglia.
Rain boots,those that french calls galoshes, are my passepartout is if I wear a skirt tor a skinny jeans. Butterfly Twists proposes four different wellies:
Windsor, Eton,  Carlisle and Windsor with faux fur. To you the difficult choice between the most stylish wellington boots by Butterfly Twists!

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