Monday, June 6, 2016

DressV Evening Dresses!

Dear Mini,
what to wear for a wedding night party?
make sure you have :

  • dark suit
  • Stole or shawl (in the case of cleavage)
  • Heeled shoes.

If the wedding will take place outdoors you might expect to be greeted in a garden or a terrace, a cloister or, why not, even on the beach, where you can enjoy a magnificent sunset. It is essential, therefore, to understand the degree of elegance of these places. Of course the choice is to focus on simple elegance: a rigorous dark suit, even slightly short and, if you were to opt for the black (now back in fashion after a while 'of time during which had been banned for weddings) , not to be too intellectual or "funeral", breaking all with colorful accessories or metallic tones of silver and gold. Essential, given the time, involve the use of a shawl or, even better, a stole. In the latter case, in fact, if you were to dare with a generous neckline (but not excessive so as not to fall into vulgarity) will serve to cover themselves during the ceremony without being annoying during dinner as easy to take off.
The situation is different when the marriage takes place in winter. In that case, the dress will always be dark but preferably long, especially if dinner takes place in a very elegant place.
The accessories will have to be refined and any jackets or fur (strictly ecological) will be embellished with pearls and diamonds, but always in a moderate way: too much jewelry, and especially too large, ruin the elegance of the outfit). As for the shoes to wear to a wedding in the evening the choice, whether it's an outdoor wedding or indoors, inevitably fall back on models with high heels (absolutely prohibited only in the beach wedding). But avoid the stiletto heel in the gardens because it tends to sink into the ground. Shoes jewel, they are sandals or cleavage, are ideal in the evening ceremonies. You can find all that you need in DressV! Here is my selection from DressV cheap evening dresses, they are different, not dark but with flowers and fantasy because I love this dresses for the summer.What do you think?


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