Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Skater Dress By Fashionmia.com !

Dear Mini,
I was searching for some ideas if you are hosting to an family event and you want to look chic in a skater dress or a  short skirt that is high-waisted, whose fabric falls to bell.
The full skirt or the skater dress are the preferred head of the woman pear because it highlights all the qualities, but we will see before the general rules to create the combinations. These rules will obviously adapted depending on body shape, but we will see this in detail in the next post.
You can play it safe by choosing to go with it a high neck, or a simple sweater shaved, the important thing is that the fabric is thin to be able to tuck in and keep well clear waistline. If you are choosing a blouse preferably soft and straight but tucked inside, only very slightly above rimbolsata. Even a tight-fitting T-shirt is fine but unwrapped blouses as they may be too stiff to be inserted inside. If you are screwed are only good if the skirt ends just at the narrowest point of the shirt, but better superimpose a cardigan or a sweater (which can not at this point put in). If you choose the blouse or shirt sweater fact that you are going to put on it is vital that it is not too long, if it's a cardigan will be fine extra inches below the waist, but if a better sweater if you do not go down more than 2 fingers under the waist. If you wear a thin shirt over a cardigan and sweater mentioned above it is fine sweater tucked inside.
Since the full skirt is usually knee almost every type of skirt shoes can be combined, for no heel boots that come to the knee are definitely the safest and most comfortable choice, but the Frenchman is also an excellent combination, we hold the décolleté for the evening, but also the dancers can be used, especially if the skirt is below the knee, but beware of the walk, the dancers tend to make you walk with your foot out. Unwrapped as usual ankle boots short and wide, and oxford shoes, for a more fashionable ankle boots with heels can be granted, but only if cut below the ankle bone.
Or you can wear directly a skater dress, of course if you are not a mum to be or a mum that have to breastfeed your baby. I have found a lot of beautiful choices in Fashionmia.com!


  1. I LOVE these dresses,and they are so beautiful!

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