Thursday, July 7, 2016 !

Dear Mini's,
every bride who wants to be perfect, they can not miss some accessories, which are intended to beautify, enrich and enhance even more the dress that day will go to wear. The accessories that a bride should choose are so many, each with an important value. Precisely for this reason must be chosen with calm and patience, in order to avoid the risk of mistakes and make it all a mistake. Among the most popular accessories and used by brides they are: shoes, veil, handbag, jewelry, gloves, hat, socks and even lingerie. You can find them in!
Each of these will be a little more particular, that will really make a difference. Let us analyze them one by one, in order to understand the importance that cover.
Make sure you have on hand:

The veil is the symbol par excellence of a bride. According to the etiquette it should be worn only when it is celebrated in the Church. The veil can be long trawl or long, laid on his shoulders. Typically a trawl veil has a length of approximately 4 meters and no more, so as not to become a real obstacle for the future bride. The bride has available a 'very broad range of choice between the various veils that you are marketing. This depends on how you want to wear. Much just used the American-veil or aviary, which is covered the face of the bride, only to discover once you arrive near the altar. Known is also the triangular headscarf, much more comfortable and modern, which is pinned with a comb to the hair of the bride.


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