Monday, July 25, 2016

what to wear for a wedding?

Dear Mini's,
Now in the mail it does not reach anything except bills. It has played at weddings. And whenever you get a your heart beats and triggered panic as "What shall I wear?" Because it's always nice to go shopping, but when it comes to a wedding, it seems that everything becomes more difficult!
There is a look suitable for every occasion and weddings are no exception, even as all the ceremonies, require elegance and rigor, especially when celebrated in church. The rules to follow are not many and if you do, you will come to the perfect day event as never before and proof of envy from the other invited
Before you even choose what you wear, you have to have one thing clear: bring that dress for many hours and it is essential that it is comfortable, making you feel comfortable otherwise the hassle that you will experience, mixed with discomfort will be more visible anxiety of bride.
Then choose models that reflect your everyday style and add us a bit 'more than elegance. Eye also to fabrics, a synthetic one hundred percent may not be the smartest choice if the wedding is in August in the Sicilian hinterland.
Same thing for shoes, but more about that later. Make too much attention to the location, your look has to be in tune with the environment around you. If the reception is in a farm, maybe it's not really the ideal opportunity to wear the gown mermaid you've taken with seventy percent discount to the last balances. If instead it is the dress you want, the models with the tight bodice and full skirt is definitely the most elegant but also a sheath dress always makes her figure, especially if revived by a showy necklace. And Formal Dresses Online are the most popular, but if you know you'll want to use it for another wedding, you prefer the solid color so it will be less recognizable, and you can give it new life with a belt, a necklace or a blazer. The   is for the evening, while during the day better knee length. All the leaders mentioned should not be too tight, too low-cut, too transparent or too flashy. It's a wedding, not a night on the burlesque theme. And remember to wear the right underwear, not that sexy!


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