Thursday, January 19, 2017

Searching For A New House!

Dear Mini's,
I'm looking for a house, our home that the plunge and debt to the bank and so fantastic on every detail, even the hooks.
Even a hook - if ill-suited to the style of the kitchen - can ruin the whole effect. Because even the smallest details must be consistent with the environment, if not the entire house. In the kitchen, even small objects, like a portapresine fixed to the wall near the stove, can make an important contribution to the aesthetic as well as practical, to choose furnishings. Here's how to make a country portapresine taste, perfect for a white kitchen or in shades of blue and blu.Carteggiate the edges of the tablet of wood with sandpaper 240 , to smooth the corners, and pass a hand abundant fund to the wood. Let dry a few hours and sanded with sandpaper 240. Spend a brown diluted with very little water on the whole tablet, blow dry and pass a second coat ). Wipe again with the hair dryer. Past the wax of a candle on the edges of the tablet . In another plate, mix the white with a hint of brown and, with a brush dry flat, spend a full coat over the surface . Take little color at a time and pull well on the tablet to leave glimpse of the dark background. Past the color until you get the effect you want. Dry well with the hair dryer and sanded with sandpaper 240 before the entire surface and then insisting especially on edges and corners . After attaching the hangers on the back of the tablet, place the locks and secure them with hammer and nails . At the center of each lock, screw the hooks to which keys or potholders will hang . If you prefer, you pass a coat of water-based matt finish to protect the work.
This procedure applies even if you want to make it a special drawers maybe purchased at IKEA or a flea market or to the input hanger.
But if you are not made to do it yourself, there is always Faucetsinhome. The Robe hooks for the bathroom, the choice is equally difficult.
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