Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Dear Mini,
This is the choice, organizing a wedding, the richest moment of anxiety for many future brides. To the choice, a ritual that turns into a growing anxiety as the days go by. A hourglass, pear, Apple, rectangle, triangle reversed: 5 are the most common types of physical.
To enhance the figure, the wedding dress should take into account the lines of the body. Then comes the taste and personal style.
Not an easy task to choose the dress for the big day? Here it facilitates the task, with models of dresses to make every bride beautiful. Hourglass Woman
Youngblood as the hips and narrow waist, hourglass woman is physically more proportionate. No matter whether it is high or low, curvy or thin, what matters are its proportions that give it a curvy figure to S.
It is the most fortunate of the types of women that we have identified, because they can wear any dress beautifully, surely the perfect dress for this kind of woman is  the mermaid.
I can say that I have "Body pear": narrow shoulders, small breasts or adjust (from the first to third measurement), wide hips: these are the characteristics of the woman with the physical pear-shaped, ie that widens gradually toward the bottom of the body, such as to form a triangle.
To balance the figure, we must draw attention to the upper part and minimize the bottom in this case, a well-cut wedding dress can really get rid of (optically) the defect.
Dress large for women pear: to hide wide hips, typical of the woman pear, I suggest clothes from the broad line, enriched by 'important' details on top. I have found my perfect dress here http://www.chicmall.de/
because I love lace wedding dresses  (günstige spitze brautkleider) I suggest to take a look here, and choose the dress for your shape.


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