Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My Bridesmaid dresses !

Dear Mini,
with Daniele we have fixed our wedding day, 2 june 2018. You can immagine how many ideas I want to create for my wedding, like I want that my four bf are my bridesmaid.
The clothing the maid of honor is, without doubt, the most interesting part for all girls who are required to perform this task. If we take a look to our cousins ​​across the Universe we will realize that they have strict rules to follow according to the look: First, and this applies even here in Italy, the maid of honor must not in any way to disfigure bride on that day, must be absolute queen also in fashion and trends.
Usually the maid of honor prefers dresses in pastel colors other than green, the style must follow the gown of the bride and have the references in pendant with the same, as a detail in a particular color or embroidery. Very choreographed the show when to act as bridesmaids are 2 or more girls with the same clothes that differ only in color. Inevitable a small bouquet in every way equal to that of the bride and a basket of rose petals that will launch on the floor as he passed. Here in Italy, although it often takes its cue from England, in principle, the bridesmaids dresses follow more informal rules that reflect what the wedding etiquette called for formal dress: no absolute white, no to black if the ceremony takes place in the morning, instead of taxes paid for evening weddings. The long dresses are recommended only for the afternoon ceremonies with evening receptions. Sheath dresses, suits or lounguette in Empire style are a winning choice, duly enriched with the right accessories. There are no specific prohibitions, however, for the shoes: go-ahead to the summer sandal and even socks can be left at home.
But I have decided to take a look to the prom dresses especially the white ones, what do you think of this idea, and I found really special and romantic the dress in the first picture ahead. 

Or my second choice is this pink dress that I have found in cheap prom dresses section( they really don't look cheap) . Tell me which on is your favorite?

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