Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Hi Mini's,

Spring Summer 2017 is definitely the dress season. On the catwalk we have seen a lot of the khaki dresses to the floral one, from the maxi dress impalpable to the vitamin colors.
The rose dominates the scene for use in all its nouance, from pastel pink to fuchsia.
Another color must be yellow and, last but not least, tropical green: this is a shade that will light up next season.
We are talking about prints, because summer style 2017 will definitely be a season dedicated to them: they can not fail to miss those floral, proposed in many variants and features and also intended for a total look. We can not forget the so-called upholstery prints: these are super-colored fantasies that range from optics to flowers of all kinds. Learn More about it.
They are super chic and go back to the spring of summer 2017: volants, rouches  have the power to make every female overweight feel. And if summer was just mentioned, the spring summer 2017 sees them prominently: we find them on skirts, tops, shirts and trousers.
Spring Summer 2017 sees back in the mid-1990s: Lamé fabrics and paiettes will make it a master.
As for the forms of skirts and pants, this season does not bring any newness and the latest trends are reproposed: pantyhose pajamas, flan, worker, skirts pensil, maxi wheel back to be again trendy. You can find all this in StyleWe a shop for women's clothing!


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