Saturday, October 7, 2017

Autumn /Winter Matches 2018!

 Dear Mini's
There are no longer half-seasons: and we re-create them. All the gimmicks in order to return to wearing the colors we have so far underestimated. Before we start to wear winter coats with not try a  womens trench coats
All the matching solutions that will take place in the coming months .
The Autumn Winter Colors Pantone? Deliberately smooth.
Winter Autumn shoes 2017/2018: I've been in your closet for a long time. Look good and you'll find that red-red boots that ...
Winter Autumn Winter Trousers 2017/2018: They are comfortable, large, masculine, for quite some time. But if I'm still alive even better.
The winter blazers of winter 2017/2018: let's admit we have snatched them for too long. But now they are the season's key (and style) change ...
Winter Autumn Colors 2107/2018: Blue & Mustard, Blue & Mustard, Blue & Mustard. If you did not understand it is the match we love. But there is also red & black.
We will wear this amazing appealing lapel with a beautiful dress in the same green color but with a touch of flower (and mustard of course).
So don't forget your cute women dresses they will be perfect during this autumnn.

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