Sunday, November 12, 2017

Baby Blues !


Dear Mini,
some days are more difficult that others like a woman, like a mother and like a wife.
The perfect engagement exists and is that of a mother with her baby. But becoming a mother ... is a climb, which sometimes seems so steep as it can not see the goal. Every child born is coloring a place in the world ... every mother who is born, very often, feels alone. It looks like a paradox .... she has everything ... but sometimes its heart is empty. Because when you become a mother you feel tested. You have to be a good mother and you must be right away. You feel inadequate or make you feel. Everything is messed up and it happens that you do not feel any mother or woman anymore. Her hair disordered, her tired face, her visits, her home, her baby, her husband.
Around you chaos.
And you know you are rich in your heart but you just want someone to understand that silence that invades you every now and then. Everything is absorbed and you wonder if the environments will be enough. You seems to collapse and you search in everybody, except in yourself, all the answers. And apparently you find yourself finding them but is hugging with your little girl that "you will find". You're there and it's all over again. Your place in the world is now called a family and it is important to "have time". Time to learn to be a good mother and good father because luckily your child will love you in any case. He needs you, your arms, your hands... you are everything for your child. We he to love ourself and they will love us.
For the husband in difficult, because you have to find a good man that loves you and unselfish, because they need a lot of patience to be next to you when you are completely absorb by the baby.




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