Saturday, November 25, 2017

Feeding my son Lorenzo!

In the first month of life, milk can only guarantee a normal growth of the baby. Progressively, especially after 10-12 months, its nutritional supply becomes insufficient and it is necessary to supplement the diet with other foods. it is time of weaning.
As far as times, methods and weaning food are concerned,I recommend to follow the instruction of your baby doctor. In addition you will be able to agree with him on the choice of foods best suited to the baby age.
Lorenzo love legumes: lentils, beans, chick peas, peas that are, by the way, an excellent food rich in high-nutritional vegetable sources of protein.
The vegetables should be bland at the beginning, and you can give to your child only after 2 months from the start of weaning.
The most important rules are to follow the doctor's instructions and don't introduce new food s without his opinion. When Lorenzo reject a food I don't insist but I try again some days later.
And I introduce a food a time, waiting some days before inserting a new one, this help to identify any allergies. So now Lorenzo eat almost everything even pizza, handmade, and if I think back in time when he wanted only my milk and fits, it was really difficult, but I followed my doctor instruction and with a lot of patience we arrived at this point.


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