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For a woman who wishes to be pregnant, it is very important to be aware of the first symptoms of pregnancy and to distinguish them from premenstrual symptoms. In the first few weeks, signs of a pregnancy in progress vary from woman to woman, but be careful, may not appear or appear later. The first symptom, the most important and significant, is amenorrhea, the lack of menstruation, especially if the cycle is always regular and you have had relationships in fertile days. Hormones that are triggered after fertilization of the oyster are also responsible for some transformations in the woman's body. The other symptoms of pregnancy before the cycle:

Tension to the breast and abdomen
Pain in the lower abdomen
Losses from plant
Excessive fatigue
Nausea and sensitivity to odors and flavors
Trend to urinate more often
Increase in baseline temperature

When to do a pregnancy test? The test should be done at least a week from the presumed date when menstruation would have to arrive. If you have a regular cycle, one week delay, it may be a symptom of pregnancy but is not 100% safe. Also, carrying out the test after a few days could give a false result because the hormone beta HCG present in urine reaches its maximum level between the seventh and twelfth week of pregnancy. Some tests are able to calculate the presence of this hormone after two weeks of conception, but in some cases, if there was a delay in ovulation, the test result could be negative.
The calculation of weeks of pregnancy. In this article you can read all the info.During the first week of pregnancy there is no sign that pregnancy is taking place. Also because the menstrual cycle is not yet late, the weight is the same and you do not have the classic nausea of ​​pregnancy yet.
You may feel a little bit of swelling in the breast, but you might attribute to ovulation or premenstrual syndrome, and a bit of fatigue. In this first week, the hormones already begin to work, but they do not have the intensity to make a change. The main hormones of pregnancy are estrogen, progesterone, prolactin and oxytocin. Their complicated collaboration in alternating spikes and cuts allows pregnancy to continue, to end the baby's birth and breastfeeding to start.
Certainly it's still too early to have the most classic and known symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea or abdominal cramps or other symptoms, and it's certainly early to do a pregnancy test, also because you do not officially have a delay in the menstrual cycle.
In the second week of pregnancy something is changing. Something really amazing is happening inside your body even if you do not know it yet. In fact, the cycle is not yet late and it has few symptoms.
But inside your body is happening something magical, a healthy baby is crowing in you. A real revolution is underway.
The baby has already implanted in your uterus and pregnancy is beginning.



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