Friday, April 20, 2018

Must Have of This Summer 2018

Summer fashion trends 2018 here we are. Brilliant, audacious, irresistible.
Special tributes and new trends summer 2018: color is the key, the '80s are revisited in a modern perspective, the street athleisure re-emerges, the tomboy style (for those who have a tomboy soul) is always stronger but c 'is also a bit of minimalism. And for the next season, the suit with trousers is the piece that every woman must have, better if worn with flat shoes.
Floral revival on the catwalk in vintage style, inspired by the 40s and 50s. Divine.
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The opposite of off-the-shoulder last summer: now the shoulders are (and how) and are maxi, inspired by the eighties. The look for excellence? Shirts with oversized shoulders combined with a miniskirt.
Think of fabrics that recall old-fashioned sheets or cotton, all in a palette of earthy colors. This is the new way to do minimalism. How do you imagine it?
You can not do without a yellow fashion dresses in the summer. All the designers, but all of them, offer at least one in their collections.
From primary shades to neon: the designers seem not to be able to do without them. Do not miss the pink, red, yellow all in a shimmering key and matched with each other in a sort of color block.
Cristal, transparent pvc and silver sequins are the right choice for summer parties. Never without, remember. 
Absolutely skater dresses are the protagonist of summer 2018.


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