Sunday, August 26, 2018

Prom Night and Prom Reception!

Dear Mini's,
Prom Nights are really important in Usa.
Prom ... I mean the American high school prom, we saw it and watched it on television!
The prom of the year is a celebration that is celebrated at the end of the school year (in the month of May). We can compare it a bit 'on Valentine's Day ... there are those who love it and those who loathe it. For girls it's a bit like marriage, "It's all about the dress! ».Take a look to the sexy homecoming dresses that  yesbabyonline dresses propose to you.
«Prom Reception» is a dinner that takes place on Friday evening, the day before the dance, which is usually Saturday. If the dance is organized by the juniors (fundraising, choice of a theme, decorations, etc ...), the seniors take care of the reception. During this dinner the class awards (prizes) are awarded. They are not real prizes, but titles such as class odd couple (the strangest couple), class brain (the "brain" of the class), class drama queen, class athlete (the most sporty), most unforgettable (the unforgettable), etc. During the weeks leading up to the ball, all seniors vote to award these prizes. A really fun evening, but I'm not sure that in all schools there is this tradition, everything depends on the institution. It is clear that the awards do not mean anything ... I had won the title of "genius in mathematics", even though I was the worst in the class! While the title of class odd couple that I had and my boyfriend I have to admit it was well deserved!


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