Thursday, November 22, 2018

Coats or Blazer for the Winter 2018?

Dear Mini's,
Duvet or coat? What to choose to face the long winter days that await us, waiting for the arrival of spring?
One, the quilt, is practical, the other, the coat, is more elegant. One is sporty, the other is classic, one is light, the other heavy.
But then, who said it? There are duvets that weigh a breath but others that make you look like the little man Michelin and cheap coats that warm you like a hug even when the fabric texture seems too light, and everything can be reversed for the benefit of one or the other of clothing. The choice is a matter of personal style, of taste, and why not, of resistance to cold .... but not only.
The  coat is older, has a longer history and a sartorial tradition that often guarantees its quality, while the quilt is a relatively younger garment, the metropolitan transposition of the essential windbreakers in the mountain wardrobe.
The real ladies, those with the class in the DNA, naturally wear only the coat, disdaining any trace of casual mood in their closet; fashion victims on the other hand, more in keeping with the dictates of fashion, focus on the quilt which, besides being absolutely trendy, is easier to manage, gets dirty less and is easier to wash.

The fashion blazers of Chicgostyle can give an allure of elegance to every look! Perfect to wear on jeans for an informal outfit, they are beautiful even if combined with more elegant dresses for the evening or for some special occasion!
But we often let ourselves be intimidated by the temperatures: in summer it is undoubtedly too hot to go and cover up with a jacket, albeit light; In winter, a simple blazer is not enough, or you risk spending a week in bed with the flu! But there are little tricks to take advantage of the blazers in every season, always being comfortable and adapting to the weather. However, there is a system for wearing blazers even in winter, without being cold: we wear maxi scarves.

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