Thursday, November 22, 2018

How to Choose the Beautician for your wedding?

Dear Mini,
These are the beauty appointments that every bride should have before the wedding:

When to start? Six months before.
For a flash-proof skin, a cycle of chemical peels in combination with phototherapy and LED treatments is generally recommended six months before the wedding. A single treatment, however, will only provide short-term results, so you need to schedule at least four sessions to get the most out of the benefits. "Oxygenating treatments that give a natural freshness to the face as well as illuminating masks combined with their serum are also very effective. A thorough cleaning of the skin is also essential to add a relaxing facial massage. For the body, on the other hand, a perfect exfoliant based on milk and honey or with Argan oil to smooth the skin and apply then a cream based on Vitamin C that leaves the skin super silky. The body wedding menu also includes sludge and slimming treatments to remove a few centimeters at the waist, hips and thighs ».

When to start? Two months earlier.
No make-up too bright (read Higlighter's excessive use) and not too rich (read two or three layers of wax-based mode foundation). PE18 trend make-up reflects the nude makeup trends of this spring-summer: sophisticated yet light. And the confirmations come from the fashion shows. Among the must-have bridal makeup can not be missing: foundation and / or BB cream, a blush applied with the technique of draping (blusher contouring), micronized transparent powder, brushes to sculpt each area of the face, waterproof mascara, eyeliner and lipstick no transfer.

But first of all, how I choosed my beautician, beacause I think is important to choose a good beauty maker.
Arde Beauty Nails is the name of Arianna De Noia beauty studio's. She took care of me the week before the wedding, of my mind and of my body. I knew Arianna's work through one of my best friends and she, and her work, were one of the best choices of my wedding.
Like you can see, I choosed a smookey eyes and fake eyelashes, but before I wanted some make-up that could lets out my green eyes, but at the end it doesn't me feel ME .
I think that each bride should recognize herself in the eyes of the people looking at her the day of the wedding.

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