Monday, November 26, 2018

How To Wear Boots!?

Dear Mini,
how to choose the good pair of boots?
Avoid the boots with the upper edge too wide. Some models are softer, but in principle you should avoid falling ones. The boots should be comfortable, but tight-fitting. You should have enough room to put on tight jeans or leggings, but without the boots dancing on you.
Avoid the boots that end up on the widest part of the leg. This tip applies especially to women who do not like their legs. If you think you have big thighs, do not wear mid-thigh boots. The horizontal line of the border will make them look even wider. Instead, you prefer the boots to the knee or that they exceed it a little.
Choose boots suitable for your height. Tall women can afford high and low models of all kinds. The more bassine should opt for boots with heel, especially thin, as it helps to slender.
Even more dull women should also choose tight boots that wrap the leg well. The soft ones can make the leg look more stocky.
If you are short, remember that the proportions are fundamental. Put your jeans in a pair of tall boots and match them with a short jacket. If you choose a long coat, like a trench coat, you will hide the body.
Choose the right color. It can be difficult to do it, in fact there are boots of many different colors. But there are some factors to consider in order to understand which are the shades that most enhance your hair color and your outfits. Gray is ideal for its versatility, while cognac brown not only looks more sophisticated, it can be combined with most of the suits.
Consider which models would be the most versatile for you in terms of color. Obviously, black goes with everything, but you have to be careful. The black cuissard boots are very easily noticed, so they may not be the best choice to go to work.
An effective method is to consider the color and reflexes of one's hair, and then choose matching boots. The fashion experts say that in this way the eye will cover the entire length of the body, then shifting the look from the boots to the hair. For example, if you have golden blond hair, you might choose boots with a golden shimmer. If you have black hair, you can wear dark ones .
You can also choose colors matched to your outfits. If you tend to wear clothes such as beige or camel, you will probably be better off wearing brown or olive-green boots.

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