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What To Wear In Christmas!

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What to wear at Christmas: 5 Christmas outfits recommended by the fashion expert
"A short dress with boots above the knee for the pre-Vigilia aperitif, a chic dress enriched with ruffles and ruffles for Christmas at the restaurant. Each location requires a different Christmas mood. "
What to wear at Christmas: 5 Christmas outfits recommended by the fashion expert
"Help, how do I get dressed at Christmas? Elegant but practical? Casual but refined? In black (always chic) ​​or in red (the Christmas nuance par excellence)? Finding the perfect Christmas look is never easy. At Christmas we would all like to show off an impeccable outfit, with attention to the smallest details, from clothing to accessories, from make-up to combing. But, between the rush to the gifts, the dinner with friends and greeting aperitif with friends, often, you do not have time to think about the garments to wear during the holidays. The countdown has begun and time is running out, the Christmas Eve dinner and the traditional aperitif that precedes it are almost upon us. We must hurry up! What can we wear? Every situation requires a different mood. Depending on the location you can already make a first selection of the items to choose from. Those who celebrate Christmas in style will certainly need a particularly elegant look, while those who spend their family holidays can opt for something more casual and simple, those who still celebrate in the mountains must choose a more comfortable and warm style. Does not there come to mind anything? "
What to wear at Christmas: 5 Christmas outfits
The outfit for the traditional aperitif that precedes the dinner of 24 -
Aperitifs, friends, smiles, chat and lots of hugs. It's a party! Can a short, close-fitting dress be excessive? But no! Just combine it the right way, maybe a pair of boots above the knee. Or bet on the sweater (beautiful ones of the latest trend in burnt orange) to match with a maxi skirt in tulle (maybe red) and ankle boots with sock.

The outfit for Christmas at home - at home and in the family.
Perhaps the best way to spend Christmas. But we do not put aside the outfit. What can not miss? The purely Christmas sweater with reindeer, snowflakes, Christmas trees, drawings of Santa Claus and so on and so forth. Grandma will be happy to see you coming back!

The outfit for Christmas at the restaurant - If you go to the restaurant, you have to get in the way! You can not miss a chic dress, with transparencies and I can not see, enriched with ruffles and ruffles. The most elegant option is black for velvet suits with satin details. However, the blue night always has its great charm, especially in the case of brocade or velvet fabrics.

Christmas in the mountains - Nothing more beautiful than crouching in front of a large fireplace, sipping a glass of mulled wine and discarding presents. What are you wearing? Glittered leggings, to give a touch of glamor, under a maxi sweater, oversize, those anti-freeze with pockets on the front.

The outfit for those who are waiting for Christmas - It will be a truly exciting Christmas! A very comfortable yet elegant look is necessary. The winning choice? A pleated or bell-shaped dress, made of a soft fabric like curly velvet. A low chignon and the future mommy will be the queen of Christmas.

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