Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Spring Inspiration

Dear Mini's,
From the catwalks to our closets: how long is the step? This spring is less than usual. Here are the 5 trends captured on the catwalk to wear even in real life. Strange but true
Everyone thinks, but nobody says it. The truth - a secret of Pulcinella, in other words - is that not everything we see on the catwalks of the great stylists, or of the coolest designer labels of the moment, has the concrete possibility of turning into real clothes that women can wear in real life. Not only in the daily office, gym, aperitifs and family. But also in that of the most special occasions. The truth, in short, is that there is always to be tared to those that appear as seasonal trends that can be read  by the Milan, Paris and not only fashion shows.
Those represent indications and signals, they are compasses, but also litmus maps that can even serve to give a reading to the society that surrounds us, to its moods and its changes, caught right in their making. But the equation that, from those indications, we can arrive at clothes that faithfully respect them is yet to be demonstrated. And perhaps the attempt to do so is bound to be in vain. As if a translator were needed who knew how to interpret the language of the catwalks and transform it into something understandable (and speakable) even in the terrestrial world).
Take a look to Trendysuper to discover all the new spring inspiration.
trend number 1
The shorts more or less (already, the capri throusers are back too) long-legged adherents to the knee always divide: you love them or hate them. But this season you cannot, in any case, ignore them. They are not for everyone, on this we agree. But those who have legs to the occasion will choose to wear them day and night, even combined with formal jackets with a masculine cut. On one thing, however, they all agree: the comfort they give in the transition from office to gym is unmatched.
But to those who do not love them I suggest cute bodycon dresses, like the two in the pictures below.

trend number 2
If we told you that everyone is fine, we would tell you a lie. But the blackberries are warned: this will be the "never again without" will be turned to a dress of a beautiful bright yellow and warm. The nuance of a ripe banana. To combine with absolute anarchy: easy and fresh with white, more daring, but also sophisticated, with light blue and pink.
trend number 3
Surfing this spring (literally) will be surfing. Arm yourself with a table or, if physical activity is not for you, a neoprene garment, scuba effect. Or a t-shirt that echoes the atmospheres of the endless Australian beaches, half of the surfers from around the world. A fashion mood, but also the tip of the iceberg of a desire for adventure, freedom and nomadism that seems to pervade the whole society.
trend number 4
Whether denim is an evergreen trend, you certainly don't need us to reveal it to you. But the tip is about his coolest washes: put the darkest and lightest jeans in the attic for a turn, or the light or very light ones unlined. Or do it like this: bleach the first ones from head to toe until they are almost white, and you'll have a super trendy passepartout garment.
trend number 5
It seems that the route is marked. After seasons of extreme maximalism, a certain desire for normality, comfort and naturalness can be felt in the air. Colors borrowed from the earth, from sand, from stone. Soft shapes. Simple volumes. More than surprising, there is the desire to feel good about oneself and in harmony with our surroundings. With your feet firmly planted on the ground. Many women will breathe a sigh of relief.
Like this one I have found in the section of the women's maxi dresses.

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