Friday, June 7, 2019

Get Name Necklace!

How are we put to jewels? If you have already experimented with necklaces with shells or have widely told the whole world that you love pink thanks to the selection of millennial pink jewels, perhaps it is the case that you consider an evergreen jewel like the necklace with name.
After Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex & The City, skilfully worn by costume designer Patricia Field, wore it for whole seasons (like not remembering the episode where she accidentally loses it), we all literally went crazy. However, we must point out that the necklace with the name actually appears a few years before, around the 80s, on the oversized t-shirts of rappers and singers.
Today you can choose to wear fashionable jewelry or jewelry that really tells who you are. A necklace with a silver name can reveal the identity of your name with a single letter, as well as a necklace with a classic name, like that of Carrie, so to speak, definitively puts the dots on all I.
How to wear a necklace with a name? Here, it is not enough to tie it around your neck, you must also know how to enhance it. Leave her alone and unique if you choose a basic chic look with a white t-shirt or an elegant shirt. Instead, add other necklaces, similar jewels but with different pendants, to create a sort of heterogeneous family suitable to enrich a deep neckline, a tank top or a long strapless dress.
What you should certainly avoid are halter tops or high-necked crop tops. The effect would not be so beautiful. The perfect present for your mother are customized mothers rings.
For me, like a mother, my favorite necklace would be the personalized heart photo.
Choose carefully the jewels that really represent you, like the necklace with name, a great classic of the 80s exploded in the 2000s with Sex & The City, for summer 2019 a real must-have.
The initial is enough to mark the field. You can pretend it is the initial of your BFF or your love, but it must hang from your décolleté. A necklace with the name in king size or mignon depending on when you put on the chest and neck. Visit to find your perfect jewels of this summer!

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