Wednesday, June 5, 2019

How to dress children on special occasions?

How to dress children on special occasions?
1) choose clothes that are beautiful, but wearable for a child, like this one in baby and toddler dress section.
It is useless to dress the children by putting a child's jacket or trousers on a suit and a little girl's stretch pencil: they will not be able to move as they wish, to run or even just to climb on a bench. This is the best way to ensure that your children never come closer to a party dress.
If, on the other hand, we choose wearable clothes, remaining children.
2) elegant does not necessarily mean classic; classic does not necessarily mean old
Find compromises, especially with older children.
Needless to want to dress children by putting a shirt on a child who does not want to know: between the shirt and the loose t-shirt there are infinite worlds that the child will like and that we can look at with eyes that are free of preconceptions.
A polo shirt, for example, if well matched, will be as elegant as a shirt, but more practical for the child.
A shirt, combined with jeans with a good cut instead of classic trousers, will look great.
The classic shoe on a child can easily be avoided even if we want the child to be elegant: on the other hand, even adults have looked for sneakers in contexts where it was unthinkable to wear them a decade or two ago, no?
If the shoe is pretty, clean (I recommend!) And well matched, it doesn't matter if its comfortable and even sporty: it will be perfect!
3) DO NOT keep children in overalls everyday
We all agree that children should be comfortable in everyday life, that they should be dressed so that they can have fun, jump, get dirty, do not stay in their underwear at the first catch, do they?check this toddler girl tops section.
This does not mean, however, that we must always dress children in tracksuits and sneakers: there are comfortable but nice clothes that allow children to play, but also to get used to wearing a skirt, a dress or a pair of jeans, so that then they do not find the "Sunday" clothes stinging:
if we go to the office in our pajamas every day, even putting on jeans could bother us, right?
Basically it is a habit.
And in good taste.
And good taste, do you ever think about it ?, someone will have to teach it to these creatures.
4) let the child participate in the choice
Do not choose clothes without consulting children, unless the children are really small or you really know their tastes perfectly.
You would risk throwing money away.
Very often you will still buy what you would have taken without them, especially if you are skilled storytellers (alias, you manage to rip them off), but ...
But they will believe they have chosen and this will be the keystone (a bit like they do with men, right?).
5) listen to the opinions of children, second their tastes
In the limits, of course, but since we are talking about clothes and not about health-related choices, we listen to what our children have to say and try to please them: if they hate black, we don't buy that black trousers, if the child wants a I live, why insist on a broken one? Do we want to hurt ourselves?
If we meet their tastes, getting out will be easier.
6) fantasy or solid color?
Personally I find the monochrome or the combination of a few colors more elegant, I don't like the Harlequin effect, nor the prints and I don't find the fanciful patterns winning.
But if the patterns play on colors that are combined they are a guarantee of elegance (white and blue) why not?

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