Tuesday, June 11, 2019

How to dress in the heat?

How to dress in the heat? When the days are red, the air is unbearable and the only thing we would like to have on is a swimsuit, but are we forced to walk around the city? If you too are in the condition of having to go out and face the heat, but don't know what to wear to be presentable, but stay cool (as much as possible!), You are in the right place! We will show you 7 garments that are very fashionable this summer and will help you survive the hottest temperatures. You will see that it is all about fabrics and dimensions. Find out which are the trendiest anti-alpha pieces!

Cheap Tops
Synthetic fabrics are the first thing to avoid when it's hot. Against the smell of sweat and halos on shirts, cotton is the best antidote. The sleeveless tops are salvation, but if you have to have your arms covered, choose a shirt with a sleeve, but strictly in cotton and light. White, in particular, is ideal for hiding sweat stains! The white looks are also super cool for the summer, because they bring out the tan and make the outfit brighter. Cotton is also the best fabric for underwear. Even the linen is not to be underestimated: to survive the torrid climate, no tight elastic, underwire and silicone inserts.

Sexy Sandals
If you are forced to put closed shoes, choose a pair of canvas. Leather, paint or, even worse, plastic, should be avoided in summer. The canvas instead allows the foot to breathe and, moreover, it can be washed more easily. If you anticipate it, the espadrilles are the great protagonists of this summer. Not everyone likes them, but one thing is certain and indisputable: they are fresh and practical. For those who prefer to put their shoes closed, but don't want to put their feet in sneakers, they are a salvation. For all the others who can't love them, a pair of canvas sneakers are the winning alternative.

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