Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Today we talk about accessories, because they are so important to give a just and original touch to our appearance, what they are and how to use them!
First of all we remember a famous phrase by Coco Chanel, "fashion goes, style remains", this is because the style of each of us is unforgettable over time, makes us unique and special, and distinguishes us among a thousand people, if well chosen ! So how do you go about having style? The accessories are a useful weapon, there are many and each of us can choose the one / s that he loves and represents. Here are what they are:
- SHOES: very important accessory for both women and men. They can be of any type, according to our tastes: there are those who love low heels and comfort, those who wear a medium heel and finally those who would never be separated by a nice 12 heel! For the health of our back and feet, I remind high-heeled lovers that they should be worn occasionally and not daily, on pain of back pain, hallux valgus, etc. It's great to be feminine but without putting our health at risk ... I would also like to dispel a myth: it is not true that to look taller you must necessarily wear heels! They can certainly help but it depends on the model, and then there are many other image advisory devices to make a figure go faster ... The shoe can give a particular and whimsical touch to our appearance, completely detaching from the rest (the famous mix & match) or be in tune with our general style (classic if we are classic clothes, sporty if we wear practical clothes, and so on)
- HATS: little used accessory, in reality it is very useful to give us an original allure and make a simple clothing more particular. To be chosen carefully based on the shape of our face (square, round, reverse triangle, etc.), but above all if we feel comfortable wearing it. Feeling "plastered" and uncomfortable with something that makes us feel strange and not in place is always a mistake ... go ahead for the hats so if we feel good about them! There is something for all tastes: the classic Fedora model, the Basque, is now even back in fashion the vintage-style turban ... Also recommended for men who love it as a piece of clothing and wear it casually (see Bechkam or Johnny Depp ).
- GLASSES: also an accessory for some essentials (see eyeglasses) and for some only an optional for sunny days. To be chosen carefully, as mentioned for many other points, both for color and for the shape of the frame; the latter must be chosen in total agreement with the type of face.
- BELTS: first and foremost a useful garment (let's not forget that it helps us keep pants on better ..) and that it can give a just and unique twist. Even for belts, the right advice (valid for women and men) is to have many of different colors, because it can be of great help to make the same combination different (then choose shoes and bags). Nowadays, the rule of choosing a belt that is the same as the shoe (at least for women; in man is a great must I recommend) is no longer so rigid.
- SCARVES AND FOULARDS: both in winter and in the warmer seasons it is an accessory suitable for those who love having a touch of originality, and in winter it repairs our throat from various ailments making us at the same time more fashionable. Choosing it ton sur ton or in a color in contrast with the rest is always to our taste and style! for the color, the rule of the undertone (which you will have understood by now) is always valid: cold shades for those who have a cold complexion tending to pink, and warm tones for those with a golden complexion, and tending to yellow.
- JEWELS, WATCHES AND BIJOUX: this is a very important chapter. For a man, choosing a beautiful clock (not necessarily expensive) can give a distinctive mark to the entire figure (see George Clooney in the photo), while for a woman there is a wide choice. There are those who like to wear only earrings, some who wear necklaces, others who wear bracelets or rings, usually each of us has a favorite jewelery that she never gives up. Watch out for the "Christmas tree" effect: never put too many together! Maximum 2 together, and only if they are fairly discreet and not too showy jewels; if we wear a large and important bijoux we wear only that so that it becomes the focal point of our outfit. On the subject of jewelry & co., I will shortly publish a dedicated post on the subject ... Be alert you jewelry lovers!
-PHONE ACCESSORIES: on fyystore I have found everything for my phone a,d not only for mine. I have found a lot of Samsung galaxy s10 plus case perfect for my phone.
For me, I almost don't use bags, it's really ideal. In a small space, there is everything: mobile phone, ATM, health card and driving license. In one pocket of the jacket, the cell phone with the cards, the other the house keys ... what am I missing then? Ah yes, a gear bag with diapers, bodysuits and spare bodysuits, and wipes ... And do you also want me to use the bag?

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