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Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses

The history of the maid of honor has very ancient origins, as distant as ancient Egypt. It seems that at that time it was feared that evil spirits could hinder the transition path of the young bride towards her new life, therefore - to ensure that she was not recognized and to mislead the bad presences - a group of women accompanied her dressed in similar to her. Over time the bridesmaids have become a symbol of the social status of a family: the more friends the bride could afford to show in public, the more she showed her economic well-being to high society. The image of having a long succession of young girls in front of him represented a sign of power and influence: among the noblest families social relations were also important for this reason.
That of the bridesmaid for us Italians is an acquired tradition, in fact it is a typically American custom: in the United States, among the bridesmaids of the bride strictly all the same in clothing, there is that of honor, or the witness who will sign the marriage license. Normally the maid of honor differs from the others in the dress she wears, which will be the same color and the same fabric, but basically made in a more elaborate model (many times it is a long ceremonial dress). But beware, as many Hollywood movies teach, bridesmaids will always have their male counterparts. Keep this in mind if you want to respect this custom to the letter.
In Italy the figure of the damsel has always been replaced by the more well-known "paggetto": the child with the important task of delivering the wedding rings to the bride and groom, just before the moment of exchange of sentences for marriage vows. The bridesmaids exist, but they are not adults: they are little girls who, dressed up with garlands of flowers and dressed in their ceremonial dresses for girls, open the ceremony anticipating the entrance of the bride, while the organ plays the wedding march and they spread hundreds of rose petals along the corridor.
Today bridesmaids are figures that lend themselves to a million different possibilities. To begin with, the girls who will take on this role will not necessarily have to be single, let alone single: they could be the girlfriends or wives of the groom's witnesses, in a situation of ideal balance. One of them could be the witness of the bride, or it could be a group apart from "special friends" who support what they are about to get married, especially in the preparatory stages.
The dress of the bridesmaids
Let's move on to the funniest aspect of being surrounded by a group of bridesmaids. To begin with it will be a way to color the wedding ceremony with their elegant ceremony dresses in coordinated (the color you choose, of course). You will be able to give them only the indication of a color and leave them free to interpret it at their leisure. This is definitely the most economical solution for you - you won't have to pay for it - and less restrictive for them. Alternatively you can buy clothes in stock for them: the same model for all, of the same color or different colors, you can find a lot Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses. In the latter case you will have to pay for the expenses yourself but you can opt for fast fashion solutions within your portfolio. The effect will be pretty, even if the freedom of your guests is rather limited. Obviously they will be exempt from the respect of a possible dress code that you have decided for all the other guests, so remember not to write it on their wedding invitations!Search more inspiration in bm dresses website!

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