Friday, July 26, 2019

Jlo her Style Evolution !

Dear Mini's,
Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly a versatile artist. We saw her in the role of singer, dancer, actress, model, record producer, stylist and choreographer.
It is the pride of Latin Americans and she is 50 years old, but before becoming the beautiful JLo that we all know and love today, it has experienced different looks that were not always successful and very far from those of the queen of the red carpets to which we are accustomed.
From his first appearances to today he has shown us numerous cuts and hair colors, with different styles and types of make-up.
Before becoming a super paparazzata star, Jennifer had a decidedly casual and uncared for look as evidenced by this photo of 1994. In 1996, her first public appearances did not seem even close to today's diva, matted hair, a wide white crop top, the semi-transparent shoulder cover and the cream-colored handbag are certainly not suitable for an event. Fortunately in 1997 Jennifer understands that she has a beautiful body and understands that loose and baggy clothes do not give them. He then began to wear clothes that highlighted his figure and at his first Academy Awards he began to learn how to walk on the red carpet.
At the Video Music Awards in 1998 he presented himself with a less chastened look but one that did not convince us. Indeed, he dares with a total white look but the cowboy hat is definitely too much.
In 1998 he changed his haircut and removed the curls. The cut is very fashionable even now, is the famous lob (long bob) that is becoming popular in recent months. The hair has also been lightened and perfectly frames the face, even the makeup is very glamorous.
At the 1999 Academy Jennifer began to show that glam that distinguishes her, the look is very classic but that bronze splendor that distinguishes today's JLo starts to come out. This dress was a favorite of that year.
At the 2000 Grammy Awards, Jennifer wears THE dress. Known as "Jungle Dress" it is one of the most discussed and remembered by the media in all the red carpet history. The dress was also the turning point in Donatella Versace's career that after his brother's death felt insecure, the morbid attention of the media towards it gave much more self-confidence to the designer who gave the dress to Lopez after giving it to her only loaned for this event.
It was later revealed that the dress remained immobile because it had been fixed to the singer with double-sided tape.

Also in 2000, she presented herself at the NYC MTV Video Music Awards in a total sporty white look that discovered her belly and bandaged her forehead with a bandana, all heads of the clothing line of former boyfriend Sean Combs.
That bronze and luminous aura to which I mentioned begins to be noticed even more, Jennifer has longer hair, she opts for a nude lipstick (instead of that plum-colored that aged her in the 90s) she is radiant and starts wearing golden accessories. Here we see her at the VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards at Cipriani in New York City. At the 2002 Oscars, Jennifer wears a hairstyle full of curls, a double string of pearls around her neck and wears a beautiful pastel pink silk dress.
In 2005 Jennifer probably understands that she exaggerated a little too much with the risks taken on the red carpet and sports much more classic looks.
The first look is really very beautiful and sophisticated, leaving out the smokey eyes and a single color the rest is impeccable.
In the second photo, Jennifer leaves her clothes skimpy and low-cut and wears a wide silk dress, Lopez also remedies the make-up mistake made with smokey eyes with this beautiful make-up that illuminates her face and perfectly fits her.
Lo in 2006, now a world-class super star, continues in the wake of elegance and sobriety. She starts wearing more jewelry and even make-up becomes bright but not overdone and doesn't age her like she did in the past.
Jennifer opts more for a make-up in nude, golden or bronze tones. In 2006 he also experimented with colored lipsticks, mainly in shades of red or coral. When she wears lipstick she makes her eyes white or leaves them as natural as possible. 2007 is the year of Jennifer's double pregnancy, so the singer then begins to wear baggy dresses that they donate anyway. The most discussed and appreciated is undoubtedly the white dress in Greek style with a single shoulder strap worn at the Movies Rock.
Even the makeup was very beautiful, a smokey eyes, this time done well, using gray and gold, on the lips only a transparent gloss tending to orange. To the 2009 Golden Globes Jennifer Lopez once again shows her body in a marvelous golden dress by Marchesa. The jewels are Lorraine Schwartz instead. Also this time the make-up is on nude tones but on her they are very sophisticated and elegant. With this dress and this style, Lopez definitely establishes itself as a style icon and leaves cowboy hats, bandanas on her head and hoop earrings behind.

Jennifer Lopez turns 50 years old. Although to be honest, it doesn't really show them. And it is not just a sentence of circumstance, of those that are said when the candles on the cake begin to become so much to blow. JLO looks like a little girl. The singer, dancer and actress arrived at "middle age" in splendid form. And now she enjoys her birthday.

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