Friday, July 12, 2019

Trends Bridesmaides 2019

Spring is back and with it the most romantic period of the year, namely: the wedding season! If during the last few months we have also seen engagements and marriage proposals spring up in the world of star systems, it is time to wear our best dress and be a perfect bridesmaid dresses.
Let's face it, when we see the invitation to a wedding appear in our mailbox immediately, one and only doubt crowds our mind: "What do I wear?". Although sometimes a wedding can be an excellent opportunity to go shopping, it is often the result of the so-called: dress stress!
In today's post we want you to see the most trendy proposals and colors for 2019, but not only, some good ideas to make smart purchases and be able to re-use your ceremonial dress even on other occasions! Curious?
Among the trendiest colors of the moment there are all the shades of pink and coral that turn up to the most intense shades like the Living Coral - the Pantone color of 2019. These warm shades are ideal to make us shine and at the same time make us appear very elegant. They are also suitable for every complexion, both the lighter and the golden ones, highlighting the beauty of our skin and gently illuminating us.
However, choosing the right dress color is essential! A risky choice could be problematic if you would like to wear your outfit again at a wedding or for an elegant occasion.
So prefer neutral and delicate shades, such as: yellow, blue and green, very trendy for this season. Absolutely avoid red and black. Although many brides give permission to those invited to wear this last color, many still find it too gloomy and suitable for other types of occasions.
But not only that, in addition to lace, among the most suitable materials to be worn during a celebration we can find chiffon: soft and feminine it is perfect to wear also because it does not mark the curves and rests in the right points of our body. It is also extremely suitable for both elegant and set-up ceremonies as well as for more casual and open-air ceremonies. As far as fantasies are concerned, our advice is to always focus on flowers. Suitable for any occasion, it is perfect for this season, where not only the flowers bloom but also the love. However, the choice between long and short is not conveyed exclusively to the place where the ceremony will be held but also to the season and time. In spring / summer go-ahead to fluttering skirts that leave us free to move and dance. The long dress is more suitable for an evening wedding that demands a more elegant and structured dress code. You will find a lot of choice in bm dresses !
Many women feel more comfortable wearing long and sensual dresses, others prefer pants that make them feel more confident and agile in their movements. If you don't know what to choose, a great idea can be to wear a suit, or as best we know the jumpsuit.
Chic, unconventional and decidedly trendy can revolutionize your outfit, making you look your best, super sexy and extremely cool. Are you afraid of daring too much? Wear it in a neutral shade and embellish it with brilliant accessories. Obviously, if you are not sure of your choice, ask the bride as well, she will certainly be able to give you excellent advice!

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